Brazilian Micro Bikini

One of my favorite types of swimwear is the Brazilian micro bikini.

With its barely there appearance you'll definitely turn heads and look gorgeous as you strut your stuff along the beach with confidence while wearing this skimpy swimsuit. Be warned though, not all beaches and public swimming spots allow such tiny suits to be worn at their facilities.

The micro versions are often made using sheer materials or material that turns sheer once wet. Don't worry, they also come in a huge variety of bright colors and patterns if you're not quite ready to let others see through and catch a glimpse of your naughty bits.

To pull off wearing any type of micro bikini you must take good care of your body by eating healthy and staying in shape. Both can be quite hard to do but once you've made it routine to follow good eating habits and keeping fit you'll not only look better but you'll also feel better too.

I often hear about women getting sucked into taking these miracle diet pills that will shed off the fat and pounds in short amounts of time. Don't buy into that nonsense. None of these drugs are FDA approved and are most likely doing more harm than good to your body. There really are no short cuts to loosing weight and getting fit other than a healthy diet and exercise.

Here's some food for thought! To loose one pound, a person must burn 3,500 calories more than are consumed. For example, if you were to reduce the amount of calories you ate a day by 500, you should loose one pound per week.