Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Brazilian bikini waxing was introduced in the United States in 1987 by seven Brazilian born sisters and has now become a very popular hair removal method.

This type of hair removal is done to both the front and back. The only thing left behind is a small patch of hair on the front called a landing strip. If you're looking to have all hair removed, the procedure is called a "Hollywood".

Most waxings occur at a spa or salon and is performed by a licensed technician. If your pubic hair is fine it must be at least 1/4 inch long and if it's course 1/2 inch long before it can successfully be waxed. The procedure can often be painful at first, but after a few visits the pain usually lessens.

When waxing, the hair is pulled out at the root and will not grow back for 3-6 weeks compared to the stubble that quickly appears 3 days or so after shaving since that hair is cut off at the skins surface.

After getting the Brazilian bikini waxing or any sort of waxing for that matter, you may experience red bumps or ingrown hairs. To help treat these you can apply Tend Skin Liquid which can find at your local pharmacy, spa, beauty supply store or online. You may also use cortisone cream to aid with soothing of the skin. To help avoid getting ingrown hairs it's important that you exfoliate regularly.